Coaching Process

What is the coaching process?

Step 1: Scope – Determine coaching areas and desired outcomes of the coaching process. Clarify expectations, roles and objectives with all stakeholders (client, client’s manager, HR business partner and coach).

Step 2: Discovery – Gather information about your personal leadership style, potential challenges, communication style/skills, and work/life values. May include 360 feedback and a variety of other diagnostic and personality assessment tools.

Step 3: Development Planning – Build tailored action plan designed to optimize strengths and points of leverage, address development areas and cultivate desired leadership behaviors. Review development plan with key stakeholder(s).

Step 4: Ongoing Coaching & Results Tracking – Focused coaching on high impact areas with regular sessions, accountability, progress reviews and adjustment of actions and goals as appropriate. We track success by completion of the action plan and more importantly, by observable behavior change. We also incorporate surveys as appropriate to measure observable change with key stakeholder(s).