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“Leadership is a journey, not a destination. It is a marathon, not a sprint. It is a process, not
an outcome.”

– John Donahoe, Chairman of the Board, Paypal

David Crighton

Executive Coach & Leadership Consultant

San Francisco, CA


David works with executives and senior leaders to leverage their strengths and achieve their business and career goals in ways that support the strategy, objectives and overall success of their organizations.

David’s work with executives centers on helping them successfully grow and develop as leaders in a world of continuous change. His extensive and practical business background dealing with the complex challenges of building and running successful operations – and his strength in leadership and executive development – bring an ideal mix of experience and expertise to his coaching.

David’s coaching specialties include:

  • Flex their communications to meet the needs of different audiences, (individual and groups etc.)
  • Expand, strengthen and improve relations and influence with key stakeholders/senior leaders/colleagues
  • Increase their awareness of themselves as leader, their presence and impact
  • Successfully build and structure their teams
  • Provide effective delegation, coaching and guidance to their leaders
  • Move from operational to strategic levels of perspective and leadership
  • Build stronger linkages between their work and that of their team and enterprise strategy


David’s professional career includes over twenty years in Vice President, Senior Director and Director Roles with corporate-wide accountability for executive, leadership and organizational development strategy and operations. His industry experience includes global Fortune 500, national and regional companies: Technology (Internet, Software and Semiconductor), Healthcare, Financial Services, (Banking, Credit Card, and Insurance) Advertising, Retail Apparel, Membership Associations and Nonprofits.

As an executive David coached and worked extensively with senior executives and their teams. He was known for successfully developing and implementing new strategies and building strong organizations dedicated to improving leader and organizational performance.


David was open and engaging, quickly recognizing the core issues and providing me specific tactics to deal with them.
– Deputy Executive Officer, CalPERS

I appreciate David’s insight and directness. He is sensitive to the fact that I am very self-aware so he doesn’t need to pound things into me.
– Senior Director, Product Marketing, Intel Security

He provides a real life practical perspective, he has compassion, he listens very well, and is very flexible.
– Health Care Industry Executive