Executive Coaching

There are 3 key areas of focus in our coaching:

Strategic Leadership

  • Executing on the right goals– identifying where to say yes and no
  • Supporting innovative thinking and problem solving
  • Selling the work (internally/externally) vs. doing the work

Team Leadership

  • Creating powerful and authentic relationships, managing up/down/across
  • Inspiring organizational support for key initiatives and team
  • Engaging in effective communication and conflict management

Personal Leadership

  • Cultivating innate self-assurance and leadership credibility
  • Fostering sustainable balance of work and life priorities
  • Developing effective energy and time management habits.

Results can include dramatically more successful work initiatives, enhanced professional relationships, improved conflict resolution and more fulfillment and fun along the way. Leaders become more effective, dynamic and authentic.

Reasons clients have requested coaching from Growth Axis:

  • First time CEO and executive team working to thoughtfully scale organization as team has gone from 30 to 200 and now growing to 500 employees rapidly.
  • VP promoted to SVP in rapidly growing technology company and challenged to manage significantly larger team and show up at the “C” level with strong executive presence.
  • Newly hired Business Unit Head struggling with slower “big company” politics and inherited direct reports.
  • Long time VP feels stagnant (6 years as VP) and stuck on how to get to the SVP level in a highly competitive organization. Client is a high performer and strong executor – needs help with building relationships cross-company and being proactive to manage her career and get right sponsorship.
  • CEO of biotech has co-founder issues and poor role clarity. He needs support in change management as company enters next phase (clinical) of drug development.
  • Executive Director having challenges balancing needs to aggressively execute and manage influential yet challenging stakeholders that don’t report to him in order to to take his technology initiative to next level.
  • Managing Director in large professional services organization grows team and needs to learn to both mentor/develop team (vs. be strong individual contributor) and partner cross-functionally inside the firm to grow the business and sell larger engagements.

What is the Coaching Process?