University of California,
Santa Barbara


The Coaches Institute (CTI)
Integrative Enneagram (iEQ9)
Center for Creative Leadership 360
U.C. Berkeley Certificate Program: Leadership & Management
University of Washington:
Nonprofit Management Instructor


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Megan Prentiss

Career Development | Leadership Coach & Practice Lead

Oakland, CA


Megan is a certified coach who specializes in scaling leadership talent and leveling up people in their career who are seeking to achieve greater impact, effectiveness, purpose and fulfillment. With a passion for helping people live and lead on purpose, she’s earned a reputation for notable areas of expertise:

  • Achieving goals through conscious choice and translating strategic aspirations into practical action
  • Developing new skill and lasting new habits that unleash performance & personal effectiveness
  • Undoing self-limited beliefs through teachings of neuroscience, performance science, evolutionary psychology & mindfulness
  • Navigating times of change, volatility, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity with resilience
  • Building trusting, high-performance teams


Megan has more than 20 years of executive experience as the former head of marketing, employee engagement, customer service and sales teams for small and large corporations, such as Akamai Technologies, Visio Corp (acquired by Microsoft) and CREDO Mobile in addition to servicing Fortune 500 accounts at global communications consulting firms. With her marketing and brand acumen, she’s skilled in motivational management and driving clients forward in their fuller potential.

In addition to her work with diverse leaders and corporate organizations, Megan has led pro bono client engagements for more than three years at the Taproot Foundation, which aims to build the infrastructure of social change organizations and nonprofits. Megan also is a former mindfulness instructor for the San Francisco Education Fund and service lead for the Mindful Service program at a Bay Area-based corporate learning company. She is also a continuous student of innovative and proven-effective learning and development interventions that elevate her clients in achieving higher levels of performance as well as professional and personal fulfillment.


Megan is motivational, empowering, and pragmatic in her approach. She dug into what exactly I needed and provided a structure for me to be effective and accountable. Though I still have a lot to learn as an entrepreneur, Megan’s coaching has brought me so much closer to realizing success.

Shannon Smith-Bernardin, PhD. and Fellow, California Health Care Foundation