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New Ventures West Certified Coach
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Ted Thornton

Senior Executive Coach

Bay Area & Southern California


Ted Thornton is an Executive Coach who loves to coach both individuals and teams. Working in partnership, Ted has unique skills that help people to uncovering blind spots, find their edge, obtain balance and develop a deep sense of when it is time to lean in, or sit back empowering others to shine.

Originally from Scotland, Ted has lived and worked across Europe, Asia and the United States where he has embraced diversity and developed a deep cultural awareness. Ted’s multi-disciplined global mindset is what brings success to his clients as he coaches leaders and their teams in leaning into the personal development work that needs to be done for lasting breakthroughs, performance excellence and growth.

Areas of Expertise:

  • Guiding the journey to insights & breakthroughs
  • Cross-cultural team development
  • Strategic Planning
  • Business transformation


The foundation for Ted Thornton’s corporate career as a global business leader was in engineering & technology. In parallel Ted, a Maritime Captain, has freely given his time to nonprofits involved in taking young people to sea as part of their personal development and transformation. With over 25 years experience in electronics, telecommunications, financial services, data security and consulting, now living in California, Ted gives back to the world through the work he does as a professional coach and facilitator. Ted firmly believes that business transformation can only begin from within.

Ted also leads adventures along the Pacific Coast in both sail and power vessels. The objective of these trips is to coach recreational boaters into becoming safe skilled skippers.


Ted made an impact on me personally in the way he taught me to think about change and leadership. Ted always gave me the real story and good insights into my own team.
– Mel Christopher, Vice President, PG&E

Ted has a wonderful gift of being able to harness the combined power of any group of individuals and to initiate (as well as ) focus action towards a common goal.
– Andy Richards, Senior Customer Services Manager, iRobot

Ted’s ability to influence the multi-cultural membership from Japan, EMEA and US is formidable. His leadership, coaching and facilitating skills helped us to achieve the goal in total harmony.
– Olivier Jacomy, Supply Chain Leader, Ingersoll Rand