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Wai Poc

Senior Executive Coach

San Francisco, CA


When being much more strategic, what is critical to focus on to have the crucial conversations … to get the big things done? Wai’s greatest delight is coaching clients who are brilliant with ideas – business, product, and innovative – ones that they wish to bring to life. Getting big things done often requires partnering with others. Wai’s clients are already successful and deal well with most people.  Except the higher up, the more complex web of relationships. These are people with power, including peers, the boss, the boss’s peers, the boss’s boss, and external VIPs. Their ideas, approaches, and agendas may be different than yours. Who is competing? Who is collaborating? Who is doing both?  How to decode? How to respond? How to influence?

Areas of Expertise:

  • Building strategic alliances to get big things done
  • Exercising power to navigate political currents
  • Accessing executive presence when stakes are high
  • Facilitating executive decision-making with senior teams
  • Leading change including reorgs and scaling
  • Developing better habits of resilience


Born in Shanghai, raised in Hong Kong and Miami, Wai loves people and celebrates diversity.  Differences – in how people think, feel, and act – have long captivated his curiosity. He is a cultural adventurer to over 60 countries. One encounter in Madagascar led him to collaborate with MacArthur Fellow and distinguished professor of biological anthropology and ecologist Patricia C. Wright. Together, they have a book-in-progress to decode power and politics at work. Their goal is to update and demystify the primal roots of human nature, particularly in the ways we compete and collaborate.

In his last in-house role for over 10 years, Wai worked at Genentech, partnering with leaders in Engineering, Ops, Research, Sales and Marketing, G&A, Product Management, and BD. He consulted in reorgs, succession planning, and developing senior teams. He is a senior mentor, facilitator, and leadership coach at Stanford University’s Graduate School of Business, where he is currently coaching CFOs through Exe Ed. Wai’s approach is to partner with his clients to grow fast, be more strategic, and add value to the business.


Wai is an excellent coach. He was instrumental in my own transformation. He has a unique perspective and brings both immense skill and heart to his coaching practice. I highly recommend him.
– Nina Khan, Global Director of Industry Sales at Intel

Wai was extremely helpful in coaching me to see a more complete picture of the people and technology we’re developing together. That’s helping me make better decisions and lead more creatively.
– Brian Strope, Sr. Staff Scientist in AI at Google

Wai makes visible the invisible ‘data’ of interpersonal relationships and organizational dynamics. Don’t let him fool you with his humility. Wai is thoughtful, innovative, and outstanding!
– Edith Perez, VP in Oncology at Genentech