Leadership Programs

We offer custom designed programs to support leadership development for senior executives and high potentials. Programs are designed in partnership with business and human resources stakeholders. They take into account organizational needs, intake survey/interview data. They are generally done in a workshop format and can optionally include 1:1 coaching and/or group coaching to deepen development.

Sample Offerings Include

Leadership Skill Building

Develop key leadership competencies based on existing strengths and key competencies required to get to the next level including (but not limited to):

  • Best practices in delegation
  • Conflict management
  • Executive Presence
  • Performance management/ Employee development
  • Emotional intelligence

Women’s Leadership & Career Development

Multi-pronged approach to women and leadership including:

  • Data gathering and executive support: customized interviews with senior leadership, online surveys, review of organizational dynamics to support women in leadership roles
  • Custom designed workshops based on data gathering, extensive industry research and experience coaching 100+ senior female executives. Elements may include:
  • Share data/results
  • Foundations of female vs. male leadership
  • Top “tips” for effective leadership and balance

Learning Sessions + Group Coaching: monthly group coaching to support accountability and deepen learnings. Topics may include:

  • Building networks of support (mentors vs. sponsors, networking 101)
  • Going for the “stretch role”
  • Getting help/balance

High Potential Programs for Emerging Leaders

Custom designed leadership assessment and development program to strategically develop high potential leaders and enable internal succession planning. Key components include:

  • Assessment Center Experience: leadership scenarios to evaluate high potential leader’s strengths and blind spots in safe environment and establish development plan
  • Learning Modules: Human Behavior & Emotional Intelligence, Change Management, Transformative Leadership, Sustainable innovation
  • Individual and Group Coaching: increase awareness of personal development areas and support ability to align career development to personal strengths